&Client Service on a rainy day

“Argh! It’s raining”, I thought to myself as I quietly went about my third day at work.
Ironically, when the temperature in this oven of a city rises (not that it significantly falls, ever), we call and call on the clouds to let it drop. When they finally do let it drop, we call on them to stop. Humans, ‘SMH’.


This reminded me of how in our business, we sometimes long for clients, so when we do get them, we should learn to appreciate them, no matter how demanding they may be.

I personally do not mind the rain. I actually think I love the rain, unless my car is giving me issues or I have on one of my favorite pair of Vans. Unfortunately, it was a day for both. No car, and I wore my dear Vans. As soon as it started to rain, I reached out to a good friend of mine that worked next door, “Bro what’s good? I need a ride home man, spot me.” My worries started to grow when I read his response 10 minutes later, “Yooooooooo dude I left early today, but I can come back for you … NOT! Have fun with the rain lol”.

As Client Service, we need to always remember that, although we would love for plan A to work out well, we always need to have a plan B and plan C, because the ‘weather’ could change at any moment and we have to be able to get through it as smoothly as possible.

Again ‘SMH’, but I needed to think so I got up, went out onto the balcony. I looked up to the sky, remembering that as a kid, the thing I would draw and paint most often in my art classes was the sky and all its elements; the stars, the clouds, the moon, the sun. I just really loved the sky, plus, it was always the easiest thing to work with. “Please stop raining” I thought to myself and a few moments later, the rain actually stopped. I quickly whispered “thank you”, ran in to pack my stuff, and in a few minutes I was out of the office and in a Bajaj, racing through Mandazi road.

Sometimes we are not able to meet deadlines with our clients. This should never happen but in the event that it does, we should remember that the client can also be understanding if we ask, and when they are, we should always thank them as loudly as we can and move fast.

“Dah! Hii mvua inashuka, tena sasa hivi!” exclaimed the Bajaj driver. It was only then that I noticed I had taken a Bajaj that didn’t have any covering on the sides. So, if it were to rain as heavily as he was speculating, we would both get soaked, (not that I cared much about whether he stayed dry or not). That rude thought might have been the one that started the chaos that followed, because it suddenly began to pour hard. It rained and rained heavily and by the time I arrived at Mlimani City, I looked like I had just won a swimming marathon, but at least I was closer to my house.

Sometimes clients change their mind. It is our responsibility as Client Service to be aware of this and even anticipate it if possible, better yet, we should be the change in the client’s mind. Offer them something so good, they cannot say no. Advise them. Also remember that, you do not work alone. Show your team or tell them, that you appreciate their hard work.  

Those that know Mlimani City well, know that once it rains continuously for more than 30 minutes, the entire road floods, and it had been raining for quite some time. The only thing that was on my mind was “how do I cross this pool and get to the other side? I hope some hopeless driver doesn’t speed by and splash dirty water on me.”

Client Service, in the event of a ‘situation’ as we like to call it, learn to think as fast as you move. It could save you a lot of trouble. Think fast, act fast.

Yes, unfortunately you have guessed correct. Just when I had come up with a solution on how to cross that road, some hopeless driver did drive by and funny enough, it was like they saw me, then they sped by just so they could have the satisfaction of seeing me suffer. I gave up, and I just decided to cross through the pool as opposed to around it. I already looked like I had come from swimming in a lake anyway.

I got home, had a hot shower, and a hot meal and all the struggles of that evening were forgotten until I received a text message from an old female friend saying “I hope you liked that little bath I gave you, that was for the time you made me wait for 28 minutes xoxo.”

Always remember, do not keep clients waiting, or you will suffer for it sooner or later. 

By Ndekia Maghimbi 

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