&The changing face of advertising in East Africa

In East Africa distributors of old have become the challenger manufacturers of today. This leaves the traditional, established FMCG manufacturers in a quandary. They are now in competition with the distributors and the distributors in question have an on-the-ground, in-depth knowledge of local distribution which the manufacturers do not. This set of circumstances has provided a new landscape and role for marketing agencies in East Africa.

The landscape now demands that, if FMCG companies are to compete against the challenger stroke emerging players, they will have to exploit, more effectively, the media arsenal at hand of digital, BTL and radio, why you may ask?

Digital, because more and more East Africans now have a handset through which they can access social media.

BTL, in East Africa, the man on the street wants to be communicated to by someone who will take time to explain and demonstrate the concept or product so that they can touch, feel and understand the offering.

Radio remains the most widespread and effective means of communicating to the masses of the people throughout East Africa and remains the top medium for advertisers.

Aggrey & Clifford now sees its role as being the professional, marketing strategy partner of the FMCG manufacturer. At Aggrey & Clifford we have the skill set that enables us, through local knowledge and insight, to understand the market and to provide:

The best regional radio outlets to provide access to the consumer

through social media and talent access to the handsets and smartphones in everybody’s hand

through an affiliate company, we have the ability to get down to the ground and mobilize a massive workforce to talk to the customer and to drive sales on the ground with immediate,  visible, real-time results on the bottom line.

In this new paradigm, we look for manufacturers and clients of courage who are willing to embrace this new marketing landscape. It is with our local insights, our strategic ability and our business acumen that will be able to drive growth and build stronger brands for our clients throughout East Africa.

Written by Tinashe Motsi

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