&The misused email reply

Living in an era where written statements are lifesaving, emails are very important. We send and receive at least ten emails on a daily basis, so make sure you do it right!

About three weeks ago my sister introduced me to the misused email reply, at first it didn’t make so much sense but I subconsciously observed all mails I received and became cautious to each reply I sent. It took me a day to prove it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the word is “NOTED” which simply means “I have taken notice of what you’ve said/attached”. But it could also be; “A term commonly used as a quick reply to an email acknowledging receipt of information in order to make the sender go away. It sarcastically shows that you care about what is being told to you when you really don’t care at all.  It can also be used in daily email conversations to convey no emotion and no interest in what is being told to you in order to cut off the person sending you the email.”

I believe most of us use the word NOTED with good intentions as opposed to how it was expounded in the latter meaning; however, and very unfortunately that is the sort of message it gives our readers. Speaking from experience, I have written emails that have action points well laid expecting a detailed feedback and/or timelines. Two minutes later I receive a reply “Noted”. It is disturbing.

There is nothing wrong with using this word in an email unless the e-mail sent earlier had action points which needed to be taken/acted upon.

To avoid being misunderstood DON’T USE IT AT ALL! but if you must, be sure to state how, when or where will you deliver what has been asked of you.

Lastly take time to read, know what is required of you then reply accordingly. I hope you and I will not misuse the word NOTED but rather use it correctly to send the right message out there.

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” _ Stephen King


By Lilian Kanora

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