&Aggrey and Clifford honored with ‘Top 100 Mid-Sized Company in Tanzania’ Award



Late last year, Aggrey & Clifford was honored to win the award for ‘Top 100 Mid-Sized Company in Tanzania’.

Mwananchi Communications (MCL) and KPMG Tanzania hosted the awards ceremony, which took place in Dar es Salaam. More than 300 companies took part in the awards that aim to support the growth of mid-sized corporates within the country.

The award is given to companies who rank ahead of their peers in terms of revenue growth, profit growth, returns to shareholders and liquidity. A top 100 company has succeeded in progressively growing its market position over time. The award recognizes the agency’s contribution to the market and the country’s economy.

As the leading full-service advertising agency in Tanzania, Aggrey & Clifford fits the criteria of the honor to a tee. The award ceremony was attended by the agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Rashid Tenga and the Chief Operations Officer, Cobus van Zyl.

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