&Aggrey & Clifford strengthens its position as one of the top brand-building agencies through innovation

As an East Africa based, full-service advertising agency, Aggrey & Clifford has announced its strategic move towards investing in innovation through a wide range of key projects. The latest being immersive training programmes that were conducted in partnership with leading industry experts from the Vega – School of Brand Leadership.

A creative workshop training hosted by AnC in collaboration with Vega School of Brand Leadership hosted

A creative workshop training hosted by AnC in collaboration with Vega School of Brand Leadership hosted


These training programmes and innovative workshop sessions were conducted over a three-day period in February and were offered to Aggrey & Clifford staff and clients.

Vega is a globally acclaimed school, leading the teaching and practice of sustainable and innovative brand ideas.

During the workshop, Dr. Carla Enslin, the National Academic Head at Vega, and Alexander Sudheim, a Senior Copywriting lecturer and award-winning journalist, covered a series of topics focusing on brand building and brand strategy.

Commenting on the workshop that was held in Dar es Salaam, Aggrey & Clifford CEO, Rashid Tenga said “We engaged Vega based on their undisputed qualifications in shaping the best and brightest professionals into articulate leaders in brand innovation”.

On her part, Dr. Enslin said that they feel absolutely privileged to be part of this initiative with Aggrey & Clifford, taking into consideration the agency’s position in East Africa.

“What really impressed us is the fact that Aggrey & Clifford has such a broad scope, not only in the client base but also in terms of footprint in East Africa,” said Dr Enslin.

She further said that due to the clutter and competitive market in the region, it is key for brands to innovate continuously.

Aggrey & Clifford’s investment in innovation and team capacity building through Vega is with a view to continuously grow the agency and accomplish exceptional creative and strategic standards the East Africa region.

Most clients in the region, both local and multinational companies, are always looking for an agency which provides local relevance but are capable of creating innovative ideas that can define a company’s brand and alter its course, while creating brand behaviors that have the potential to transform the industry.

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