&Aggrey & Clifford contributes to a successful launch of ‘Rumble in the Jungle’


Rumble in the Jungle Book Launch

From L-R: Oliver Mutere (Media Director of A&C), Cobus Van Zyl (COO A&C Group), Norman Moyo, Rashid K. Tenga (CEO of A&C Group), Raquel Ruiz (Strategy and Planning Director of A&C) and Terence Chambati (General Manager of A&C).

It is not often we, as Africans, are exposed to our own intellectual thought leadership. So, it was with great pride that A&C partnered with former Zain Group Marketing Director, and Zantel CCO/CEO, Norman Moyo, to launch his book, Rumble in the Jungle. The showstopper event was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Dar es Salaam on Friday the 5th of September.

Close friend and CEO of Aggrey & Clifford, Rashid Tenga, introduced Norman to the attendees. He then delivered a powerful, remarkable speech about the core and purpose of the book. One of many highlights of the evening was a letter from the former President, Benjamin Mkapa, acknowledging the book and the role it will play. In terms of thought leadership, Rumble in the Jungle explains differences between greatness and mediocrity, as well as successful and ailed states.

According to Norman, making different choices in leadership, and by putting the right people in the right places, we can solve many of the puzzles that strain this continent in achieving its full potential. Choices for the next generation,not the next election.

Norman’s book is a great source of inspiration when it comes to the exposure of the rich, untapped potential that the continent possess. As one commentator put it, most eloquently, “the number one biggest economic driver for this continent is not its oil, gas, gold, diamonds, but LEADERSHIP. This is not a new idea to any of us here, but Norman has simply taken the conversation out of the intellectual realm of debates, here in Tanzania and across the continent. I am very encouraged to see a new crop of Pan African business leaders beginning to engage in being part of their destiny”.

Aggrey & Clifford designed all creative elements, from the cover of the book to the creative look-and-feel of the launch event, to PR and ongoing promotion. If this resoundingly successful event is anything to go by, this exciting new thought leadership work, will not only make a difference in Tanzania, but in boardrooms all across the African continent.

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