The changing face of advertising in East Africa

  • In East Africa distributors of old have become the challenger manufacturers of today. This leaves the traditional, established FMCG manufacturers in a quandary. They are now in competition with the distributors and the distributors in question have an on-the-ground, in-depth knowledge of local distribution which the manufacturers do not. This set of circumstances has provided a new landscape and role for marketing agencies in East Africa.

    The landscape now demands that, if FMCG companies are to compete against the challenger stroke emerging players, they will have to exploit, more effectively, the media arsenal at hand of digital, BTL and radio, why you may ask?

    Digital, because more and more East Africans now have a handset through which they can access social media.

    BTL, in East Africa, the man on the street wants to be communicated to by someone who will take time to explain and demonstrate the concept or product so that they can touch, feel and understand the offering.

    Radio remains the most widespread and effective means of communicating to the masses of the people throughout East Africa and remains the top medium for advertisers.

    Aggrey & Clifford now sees its role as being the professional, marketing strategy partner of the FMCG manufacturer. At Aggrey & Clifford we have the skill set that enables us, through local knowledge and insight, to understand the market and to provide:

    The best regional radio outlets to provide access to the consumer

    through social media and talent access to the handsets and smartphones in everybody's hand

    through an affiliate company, we have the ability to get down to the ground and mobilize a massive workforce to talk to the customer and to drive sales on the ground with immediate,  visible, real-time results on the bottom line.

    In this new paradigm, we look for manufacturers and clients of courage who are willing to embrace this new marketing landscape. It is with our local insights, our strategic ability and our business acumen that will be able to drive growth and build stronger brands for our clients throughout East Africa.

    Written by Tinashe Motsi
  • Africa’s creative revolution

  • The 1960’s marked the ‘creative revolution’ for advertising in the western world. It was a golden era where great advances were made in the advertising field.


    Aggrey & Clifford (left to right). Terence Chambati (General Manager Uganda), Ryan Gosling (General Manager Tanzania), Rashid Tenga founder and Chairman, Oliver Mutere (General Manager Kenya) and who could forget Godzilla the rooster.

    Many young creatives moved away from traditional forms of communication and innovated with new mediums and styles of advertising, finding a unique and authentic voice in the process. All of this was a by-product of increased prosperity post World War II, a booming youth segment, increased access to consumer goods and the socio-political freedom at the time.


    In contrast, Africa was still busy fighting for its freedom and liberating its people from decades of oppression. Africa’s great creative minds were being used for noble pursuits, such as leading people to freedom and equality. As a result, Africa’s advertising industry is still very much in its infancy and formative years. Now, some may raise an eyebrow at this statement and ask if this is true given the fact that Africa has many world-class advertising agencies with a rich history. This is absolutely correct, and it shows in the creative work that is being produced by African agencies and the Internationally recognized awards they proudly display on their walls. However, the actual question should not be whether Africa is creative, but rather if Africa should expect a period of accelerated creativity in advertising which can be likened to the golden era of the 1960’s? In our opinion, the answer is quite simply yes, and this is because of three key factors.


    The first is that while amazing work is produced in Africa, too often brands adapt, rather than create. We see some of the strongest brands in the world, trying to launch integrated campaigns across multiple markets and when it comes to Africa they simply adapt the visuals to local talent and directly translate copy into vernacular. This often results in creative which does not resonate with the consumer and communication which is irrelevant. This approach by global brands is one of the biggest factors which delayed agencies finding a truly African narrative for brands on the continent. However, this is slowly changing, and clients are starting to realize that work created in local markets gives greater relevance and cut through for their brands.


    Secondly, despite the perception of most, Africa is progressing at a rate never experienced before. South Africa is still the gateway to Africa and regarded by many, as the jewel in Africa’s crown. This is partially due to the fact that South Africa has one foot in the developed world and the other in the developing. This makes the market easier to understand and establish a brand within. The reality, however, is that South Africa’s growth is slowing and other African countries will be the continents growth drivers in the future. Countries such Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania, have massive populations and have been hard at work building infrastructure and growing key business segments. This means the middle class in these markets has exploded and people on the street have more disposable income than ever before. This growing middle class also has access to more consumer goods from around the world and is experiencing increased social freedom. All of this means that advertising is big business in Africa and a lot of resources and energy is being invested into providing services which allow brands to stand out in these key markets. With this competition, agencies are being forced to think outside of the box and be innovative in their approach to advertising.


    Thirdly, like all ad men, we are students of human behaviour and trends. One trend which can no longer be ignored is that Africa is increasingly influencing global trends rather than global trends influencing Africa. Take for instance the African designs you see on the runways of Paris and Milan, or how the entertainment industry created a superhero called Black Panther, who is proudly African. These are just a few examples, but it’s clear that Africa is a creative inspiration at the moment and many trends are emerging from the continent.


    The exact catalyst that will spark the African creative revolution is unknown. It could come from global clients changing from creative adaptation to origination. Or perhaps Africa experiencing conditions which have been a precursor for accelerated creativity in the advertising industry in America. Or maybe it could be from agencies finding their own unique African narrative and styles for their creativity as they are forced to innovate because of increased competition. I suppose in a way this subject could be likened to the age-old question of which came first; the chicken or the egg? No one really knows. All we know is the writing is on the wall and we have seen the early signs first hand. In the words of one of the greats, “A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.” Muhammad Ali.  


    Ultimately, it will be the clients that have the vision to partner with strong local agencies and courage to trust these agencies to push the creative envelope, that will reap the richest rewards of the African creative revolution. At Aggrey & Clifford we are privileged to work with many brands such as these already, but we are always looking for another pioneering company. If you are one of them, give us a call or are you chicken?

        Written by Ryan Goslin
  • The Life of Pablo (A&C Creative): Episode 1

  • It was -20 something degrees in the second coldest capital city in the world and unfortunately, I had to walk to school. I got to school very grumpy and sat in the corner of my classroom trying to get warm, as our homeroom teacher took the attendance. Once he was done, I couldn’t help but notice that a small group of my classmates were in the corner of the class listening to this one boy go on and on about how he and his family would soon be going to visit Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa.


    My reaction was very predictable, as soon as I heard “Kilimanjaro”, I decided to move closer and pay attention, because after all, I was from Kilimanjaro region and I had seen the mountain many times. “Hey, I’m from there actually” I interrupted him, smirking proudly to which he responded, “Oh that’s nice, I didn’t know you were Kenyan.” I was quite shocked by his reply but then I remembered that this was a common misunderstanding, that unfortunately, I had encountered even when I was in Tanzania. “No, Mount Kilimanjaro is actually in Tanzania. Kenya just markets it better, but the Mountain is in Tanzania” I explained calmly to which he rudely responded “Get out of here man, you’re lying to us. The mountain is in Kenya, not your country.”

    I don’t know what it was about his response that got to me but I didn’t take it too well (neither did my friends). I stood my ground and insisted that he was wrong and was being very rude about it, and after an exchange of words and a physical confrontation, both of us got suspended for two days (my parents laughed about it).

    So where is Mount Kilimanjaro located anyway?

    Over a decade later, I find myself in quite a similar position with the advertising industry. Working as a copywriter, I have been entrusted, and put in the position to provide a copy for the ads we do. Meaning, with regards to copy, I probably know best right? So then, what happens when I find myself in another “Kilimanjaro” situation where somebody challenges my knowledge when I feel like I am in the best position to provide the correct answer?

    This is a challenge I feel most creatives, especially Copywriters face. It’s really just a game of ‘If you can convince me, then you’re probably right’ but as we saw in my “Kilimanjaro” situation, convincing people that you’re right is not the easiest thing to do even when you actually are. On a daily basis, I have to convince my fellow Copywriters, then our Creative Director, who has to do the same with the General Manager and CEO, and then together we all have to make the client see things the way we do. So what is the best way to persuade people that you are correct? Most importantly, how far should you go to try and show them, that what you’re proposing is what is fact, or what will work best? What happens when over and over again, they fail to see the genius in the ideas/answers you bring forward? Do you dumb down your most powerful asset (your mind) and let them be? Or do you accept that sometimes it is okay to be wrong?

    “If everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane” – Jay-Z

    By Ndekia Maghimbi

    The opinions expressed here by contributors represent their own personal views and not those of Aggrey & Clifford, past or present

  • Thanks, you messed up

  • Last Tuesday, 6 am.

    RJ, my 7-month old so and I have a morning ritual. His mum places him on my tummy, he then proceeds to pull on my beard to wake me up. I wake up, lovingly pick him up as I’m lying on my back, bring him to my face and whisper; “ of my life, what do you want?”. Normally this is met with a giggle, he enjoys it. However, on this particular morning, this played out a little differently. ">Me: “Coochy- coo… love of my life, what do you want?”

    RJ: “Father, here is all the saliva in my body. It will look better on your face”

    Okay, he didn’t actually say that before spewing half a gallon of saliva on my face, I’m just convinced he thought it before doing so. Same morning, 8 am.

    As I made my way to work, I realized the dynamic between my son and I is similar to that of a brand communication agency and its audience.

    The brand communication agency goes out of its way to show love to its audience/client through well-thought through strategies and ultimately entertaining content only for the audience/client to…well…spit on their faces.

    The recent debacle with the Pepsi-Kendal Jenner ad, as much as it was a train-wreck, is a case study I found particularly interesting; mainly because I’m a huge fan of all Kardashians and their dark powers. They are famous for being famous, that’s genius level sorcery if you ask me.

    Anyway, most of the outrage was directed towards the brand but much so towards the brains behind the ad. It came to light that Pepsi has a dedicated in-house agency. I imagine the intention is to minimize costs but to also have a team that lives the brand 24/7.

    From the many articles and official press releases I read around this disaster, it was clear Pepsi wanted it known who exactly was to blame for this fiasco.

    Take this exempt from an AdAge article for example;

    “Pepsi used an in-house shop, which in the eyes of many led to the marketing mishap. The criticism was particularly sharp on a Reddit thread dedicated to the ad. "In-house just doesn't cut it, as there are too few people in the chain saying 'no.' Advertisers clearly don't have the self-discipline," a self-described creative from New York stated. "In-house creative directors are jaded, tired old-timers who simply want to get paid and go home."

                                                                                                                      –Ad Age, April 07, 2017

    Moral of the story

    I am sure the in-house agency did amazing work before this campaign.

    As always, the world will whisper your accomplishments and scream out your failures, that’s just how the world works. The client and the audience crucified the team simply because the world needed a devil to blame.

    I have to come to understand the uncertainty of presenting or executing an idea. Everything exists in context, and when that context is altered or client asks for a compromise, the original idea takes a totally different trajectory and in some unfortunate instances it ends up with a Kardashian holding a Pepsi can.

    I’d like to applaud all those who work in any creative field. It takes a lot of heart to do what you do. Some of your work will be hits; some will get you hit in the face…with a chair…or a gallon of saliva.

    “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”



    By Mark Wahome
  • What is your culture?

  • Google defines Culture as the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions. It is often implied, not expressly defined, and develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires.

    The culture of the company is a key factor in its success. It controls how its employees behave among themselves, as well as with people outside. Culture is what binds us together and it the hardest thing for competitors to copy. Our culture is what gives us the competitive advantage. A lot of organizations have tried to create their own culture but they have failed. We on the other hand have been successful and have been able to summarized it to one analogy. The badger.


    A former professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Edgar Henry Schein identifies 3 key elements to an organization’s culture and these are;

    Espoused values; These are Vision, mission and values that are clearly spelt out. They are part of the official identity. These are created by founders of the business and entrenched into the employee's’ life. The values become a representation of what the company believes in. It greatly influences how employees think and act. They are values in which the foundations of the said organization are set.

    Shared basic assumption; These are deeply embedded elements, taken for granted behaviors which are most of the time taken for granted and are usually unconscious. These assumptions are typically so well integrated in the office dynamic that they are hard to recognize from within. This include people coming in late, people’s disregard for quality checking or people ensuring that they don’t leave the office until the job is done.

    Artifacts & behavior; They include things that are tangible and intangible. Things like the office, furniture, dress code, office jokes and how people interact with within and with customers. This are elements that can be recognized by people who are not in the organization.

    These three elements make up an organization culture and forms as part of the identity. A company itself cannot have a culture. It’s the amalgamation of different employees, their interaction and their traits that make the culture. It means that as an employee you have a role to play in the making of a company culture. And the question that you as an employee need to ask yourself is what role am I playing in building your organization’s culture.  It includes but not limited to how you interact with people around you, how you make them feel, how you do your work and how you look.

    Most importantly is that process building culture should not be limited to the company you work for but it should also be an internal and individual process. What is your culture? Do you have visions, mission and values that you live by? How do you interact with people? What is your identity?

    By Edward Shila  

  • Color blind to marketing

  • In 2014, a company called Surrey Nanosytems patented a high-tech coating that they developed, known as Vantablack. Vantablack is a colour that is, blacker than black. Yes, I know you feel like you have seen the colour black before, and you feel the versions of black that you have seen are the darkest a colour can be. The thing is, this black is so black, that your senses cannot even comprehend it. It is so black that the eye sees it as a void. Again, yes, I know you might be a little confused. How is it that my eyes opt to see “nothing” when I know there is something? The answer lies in the uniqueness of Vantablack. What makes this color so special, is the fact that it absorbs about 99.9% of light. As if what was achieved in 2014 was not amazing enough, in 2016 Surrey Nanosystems managed to improve the original Vantablack, meaning this new version absorbs even more light. This little piece of innovation has a variety of applications from straight light suppression to aesthetic applications in design to cinematography optics and the list goes on.

    The reason why it has managed to garner popularity is owing to its ability to absorb and dissipate light. One can play with optics to create illusions, and influence what we perceive to see. After reading more on Vantablack, and its application potential, I was inspired to see how I can feed off this innovation.

    As marketers, we are always looking for new ways to improve our communication. One of the main reasons is because business has become more competitive, and more business means more marketing, there more exposure to advertising for individuals. This proliferation is what demands us marketers to be more effective with our message. I started to wonder more about Vantablack, about how the eye in essence does not see it, because of how well it absorbs the light. What could the marketing version of Vantablack be, if our light is marketing material? What piece of communication can we do so good that the marketing message is delivered, but it does not even look like commercial communication? After giving it some thought, I came to the realization that, we have had our 2014 version of Vantablack this whole time, branded content. Branded content is when a brand funds the production of content that has been created to help promote the brand. Branded content manages to create a slight perception that the content is not marketing material. Two notable campaigns from 2016 that delivered branded content well were, Nike with #MambaDay and Knoor with #LoveAtFirstTaste.

    We now face a challenge where individuals are becoming smarter and smarter, they are able to spot marketing material from a mile away. So unfortunately, this means that our “Vantablack 2014” cannot achieve the percentages of 99.9% of no recognition. What is encouraging to know is that there is room for improvement. Now we know humans are becoming more and more complex, this had led to business demanding more from marketing. This calls for methods of communication that start to seamlessly and effortlessly deliver the message, by filtering the business objectives that restrain one from being interested. So what this actually calls for is our own “Vantablack 2016”. What we need to develop as marketers is material that consumers are willing to engage with but still delivers on objectives. In my humble opinion, I feel the answer lies within the brand narratives that we hold. Complexities will always be there but what does not change is appealing to human nature of enjoying a good story. This can be targeted well by making the narrative unique.

    Now as beautiful as Vantablack is it has its drawbacks, one of the biggest dangers is that people will not see it and it may present a danger, as they can walk into it or bump into it. This means it may cause harm to an individual. If we apply the same principles in developing “Vantablack 2016” we need to be aware of the effects. In this case the effects for us would be that the brand totally disappears and all our efforts are wasted. So I present to you a challenge as opposed to a conclusion, what next after branded content?

    By Anesu Chasosa

  • Client Service on a rainy day

  • “Argh! It’s raining”, I thought to myself as I quietly went about my third day at work. Ironically, when the temperature in this oven of a city rises (not that it significantly falls, ever), we call and call on the clouds to let it drop. When they finally do let it drop, we call on them to stop. Humans, ‘SMH’.


    This reminded me of how in our business, we sometimes long for clients, so when we do get them, we should learn to appreciate them, no matter how demanding they may be.

    I personally do not mind the rain. I actually think I love the rain, unless my car is giving me issues or I have on one of my favorite pair of Vans. Unfortunately, it was a day for both. No car, and I wore my dear Vans. As soon as it started to rain, I reached out to a good friend of mine that worked next door, “Bro what’s good? I need a ride home man, spot me.” My worries started to grow when I read his response 10 minutes later, “Yooooooooo dude I left early today, but I can come back for you … NOT! Have fun with the rain lol”.

    As Client Service, we need to always remember that, although we would love for plan A to work out well, we always need to have a plan B and plan C, because the ‘weather’ could change at any moment and we have to be able to get through it as smoothly as possible.

    Again ‘SMH’, but I needed to think so I got up, went out onto the balcony. I looked up to the sky, remembering that as a kid, the thing I would draw and paint most often in my art classes was the sky and all its elements; the stars, the clouds, the moon, the sun. I just really loved the sky, plus, it was always the easiest thing to work with. “Please stop raining” I thought to myself and a few moments later, the rain actually stopped. I quickly whispered “thank you”, ran in to pack my stuff, and in a few minutes I was out of the office and in a Bajaj, racing through Mandazi road.

    Sometimes we are not able to meet deadlines with our clients. This should never happen but in the event that it does, we should remember that the client can also be understanding if we ask, and when they are, we should always thank them as loudly as we can and move fast.

    “Dah! Hii mvua inashuka, tena sasa hivi!” exclaimed the Bajaj driver. It was only then that I noticed I had taken a Bajaj that didn’t have any covering on the sides. So, if it were to rain as heavily as he was speculating, we would both get soaked, (not that I cared much about whether he stayed dry or not). That rude thought might have been the one that started the chaos that followed, because it suddenly began to pour hard. It rained and rained heavily and by the time I arrived at Mlimani City, I looked like I had just won a swimming marathon, but at least I was closer to my house.

    Sometimes clients change their mind. It is our responsibility as Client Service to be aware of this and even anticipate it if possible, better yet, we should be the change in the client’s mind. Offer them something so good, they cannot say no. Advise them. Also remember that, you do not work alone. Show your team or tell them, that you appreciate their hard work.  

    Those that know Mlimani City well, know that once it rains continuously for more than 30 minutes, the entire road floods, and it had been raining for quite some time. The only thing that was on my mind was “how do I cross this pool and get to the other side? I hope some hopeless driver doesn’t speed by and splash dirty water on me.”

    Client Service, in the event of a ‘situation’ as we like to call it, learn to think as fast as you move. It could save you a lot of trouble. Think fast, act fast.

    Yes, unfortunately you have guessed correct. Just when I had come up with a solution on how to cross that road, some hopeless driver did drive by and funny enough, it was like they saw me, then they sped by just so they could have the satisfaction of seeing me suffer. I gave up, and I just decided to cross through the pool as opposed to around it. I already looked like I had come from swimming in a lake anyway.

    I got home, had a hot shower, and a hot meal and all the struggles of that evening were forgotten until I received a text message from an old female friend saying “I hope you liked that little bath I gave you, that was for the time you made me wait for 28 minutes xoxo.”

    Always remember, do not keep clients waiting, or you will suffer for it sooner or later. 

    By Ndekia Maghimbi 

  • The misused email reply

  • Living in an era where written statements are lifesaving, emails are very important. We send and receive at least ten emails on a daily basis, so make sure you do it right!

    About three weeks ago my sister introduced me to the misused email reply, at first it didn’t make so much sense but I subconsciously observed all mails I received and became cautious to each reply I sent. It took me a day to prove it.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the word is “NOTED” which simply means “I have taken notice of what you’ve said/attached”. But it could also be; “A term commonly used as a quick reply to an email acknowledging receipt of information in order to make the sender go away. It sarcastically shows that you care about what is being told to you when you really don’t care at all.  It can also be used in daily email conversations to convey no emotion and no interest in what is being told to you in order to cut off the person sending you the email.”

    I believe most of us use the word NOTED with good intentions as opposed to how it was expounded in the latter meaning; however, and very unfortunately that is the sort of message it gives our readers. Speaking from experience, I have written emails that have action points well laid expecting a detailed feedback and/or timelines. Two minutes later I receive a reply “Noted”. It is disturbing.

    There is nothing wrong with using this word in an email unless the e-mail sent earlier had action points which needed to be taken/acted upon.

    To avoid being misunderstood DON’T USE IT AT ALL! but if you must, be sure to state how, when or where will you deliver what has been asked of you.

    Lastly take time to read, know what is required of you then reply accordingly. I hope you and I will not misuse the word NOTED but rather use it correctly to send the right message out there.

    “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” _ Stephen King


    By Lilian Kanora

  • The Power of Media in ‘Selling’ Concepts

  • If you were slightly obsessed with politics or hard news like I am, you’d know how influential the media could be, particularly during elections, high-profile cases or crisis.  If you are not careful, media reports can turn you into a political fanatic or a self appointed judge of a case (the media being your jury). Considering that most of hard news coverage is accompanied by facts and figures, it’s easier for public opinion to be influenced by media reports, whether they are factual or mere propaganda intended to change the public opinion on something.

    One good example is how the media drove the U.S election campaign. Throughout the campaign and even prior (when the now President-elect Donald Trump declared interest to run for presidency) media reports on this pompous Republican candidate were very much focused on his controversial and witty statements.

    On the other hand, his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton was lucky enough to be portrayed as the more serious candidate of the two and most likely to win the elections. Many people, including the candidate herself believed the hype.

    The same applied to last year’s general elections in Tanzania; as in media reports implied that the opposition was certainly going to win the elections.

    When it comes to court cases, especially high profile cases, the media can make a guilty person seem innocent and vice versa. In other words, media reporting can influence the turn of events of a case.

    For instance, the OJ Simpson case. The court had to let go of the original jury of this case after establishing that their adjudication was influenced by media reports. Another good example is the Amanda Knox case; she was subjected to ‘media trial’ from the beginning. Both her conviction and exoneration were prompted by media reports.

    These are just a few scenarios that show how influential the media can be in selling a concept. The funny fact is it’s not always intended.

    The line between media propaganda and actual events is very thin. Even with years of experience in the industry some media professionals still find themselves blinded by media’s agenda setting and framing techniques to the extent that they too buy into what they are selling.

    In his book ‘Mass Communication Theory’ (5th Edition), Dennis McQuill says; “it is assumed that the more the media attention given to a topic, the greater is the importance attributed to it by the news audience. The media influence is not on the direction of opinion but only on what people think about.”

    So why am I sharing this on an ad agency blog? Doesn’t seem relevant does it?….

    Well, first off, we too are in the business of selling concepts, hence we too strategize to set agendas (we don’t use that word though). This is with regards to how our clients are perceived (PR). So for instance, regardless of the extent of ‘character assassination’ our clients might encounter, with great PR approach whilst applying this agenda setting technique, we can give them a whole new look.

    Lastly, as an advertising agency, one of the many things we do is selling ‘concepts’ to the public. Meaning, whatever message we put out there on behalf of our clients is the concept that we want the public to ‘buy’. As long as we are using the media to get our concepts out there, then agenda setting could also be very much applicable.

    The key point being.... say it like you mean it, stick up for it and keep the message on repeat mode… until it sticks.

    By Martha Majura 

  • Know some of English to Swahili Translations

  • "Try to learn something about everything and everything about something." - Thomas Huxley

    Here are a few English to Swahili translation to improve and expand your vocabulary. 

    Accreditation: Utambuzi rasmi

    Action plan: Mpango wa utekelezaji

    Advocacy: Uraghibishaji/uchechemuaji

    Aide-de-camp: Mpambe  

    Award: Tuzo

    Background (historical): Usuli

    Pictorial: Mandhari ya nyuma

    Brainstorm: Bungua bongo/piga bongo/chemsha bongo

    Brief: Kutoa taarifa fupi/kutoa maelekezo

    Brochure: Brosha

    Challenge: Changamoto

    Computer: Kompyuta (Tanzania) and Tarakilishi (Kenya)

    Convocation: Jumuiya hitimu

    Copyright: Hakimiliki

    Criterion: Kigezo

    Critical: Tunduizi

    Critical analysis: Uchambuzi tunduizi

    Curriculum vitae: Wasifu

    Draft: Sawidi

    Electronic commerce: Biashara electroni/electoni

    Facilitate: Wezesha

    Feasibility study: Upembuzi yakinifu

    Feedback: Mwitiko

    Flier: Kipeperushi

    Handout: Kitini

    Investor: Mwekezaji

    Internet: Intaneti


    Limit: Kikomo

    Millennium: Milenia/Kikwi

    Mission: Maarubu

    Mobilization: Uhamasishaji

    Newsletter: Kijarida

    Notes: Tini

    Objectives: Madhumuni

    Patent Right: Hataza

    Poster(s): Bango (ma)

    Response: Mwitikio

    Target: Lengo

    Text: Matini

    Timer: Kiwakatishi

    Timing: Wakatisha

    Title deed: Hatimiliki

    Tutor: Mkufunzi

    Vision: Dira/Rajua

    By Victor Muhanika 

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  • About us
  • We are an Africa based full-service, fully-integrated advertising agency. We believe today’s consumers in Africa are more globally oriented than ever before, yet they want to stay true to their roots. Converging communication technologies have reshaped the outlook of consumers and businesses.

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  • Aggrey & Clifford gets recognized in London’s Campaign magazine as one of the World’s Leading Independent Agencies
  • Aggrey & Clifford amended[3][1]
  • Aggrey & Clifford wins gold award through Vodacom campaign
  • aggreyandclifford_daressalaam_agency_awards


    We scooped a prestigious international gold award from Spike Asia Festival of Creativity 2017, through Vodacom Tanzania’s Initial Purchasing Offers (IPO) campaign.

    Founded by a Tanzanian, Aggrey & Clifford was the only advertising agency from Africa to receive the gold award in one of industry’s global prestigious awards, held in Suntec, Singapore recently.

    The gold award marks Aggrey & Clifford’s second global recognition received this year. Earlier this year, the agency was recognized in London’s Campaign magazine as one of the World’s Leading Independent Agencies.

    Aggrey & Clifford won the gold award in the Film Craft category through a TV commercial it had created earlier this year for Vodacom Tanzania’s IPO campaign. In Spike Asia Festival of Creativity 2017 awards, Aggrey & Clifford was up against other agencies from Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

    Aggrey & Clifford Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rashid Tenga said receiving global recognition within the industry is proof that Aggrey & Clifford is executing world-class creative work for its clients. He thanked Vodacom Tanzania for trusting Aggrey & Clifford to provide them with marketing communication solutions, especially in the creative department.

  • Aggrey & Clifford wins Tanzania’s top 100-mid sized companies award


    Director at Azam TV, Ali Saleh (left) hands over the award to Aggrey & Clifford Media Director, Mndewa Tenga, during Tanzania’s top 100-midsized companies survey. The ceremony was held in Dar es Salaam over the weekend. Others are the company’s General Manager, Ryan Goslin and Tinashe Motsi, Chief Administration Officer. The aim of the awards is to honour some of the country’s companies for their success stories.


  • Aggrey & Clifford honored as a world’s leading independent agency in 2017
  • Aggrey & Clifford, a marketing communications agency headquartered in Dar es Salaam has been honoured as one of the leading advertising agencies in the world by being featured in the prestigious 2017 edition of the ‘World’s Leading Independent Agencies’ which start released on Thursday (April 20).

    L-R: Rashid Tenga, CEO and Cobus van Zyl, COO of Aggrey & Clifford

    L-R: Rashid Tenga, CEO and Cobus van Zyl, COO of Aggrey & Clifford

    In the 2017 edition of the World’s Leading Independent Agencies, 12 advertising agencies from across the world were recognised for their invaluable contribution in the marketing communications industry, Aggrey & Clifford being of them.

    The feature is published on annual basis by ‘thenetworkone’, the world leading independent agencies organisation in association with Campaign magazine. In this 2017 edition of the World’s Leading Independent Agencies, only 3 agencies from African were included.

    Commenting on the recognition the agency has received, Aggrey & Clifford CEO, Rashid Tenga said, “it is an honour for our agency to receive such recognition from this prestigious organisation in the industry.  we are grateful to our clients who have always believed in our creativity and ability to build brands.”

    He added, “this is quite a milestone for our company considering that we are merely 8 years old, and to appear alongside the biggest advertising agencies from across the world in this year’s edition is quite an achievement.”

    The full list can be accessed on and the pointed magazine goes on sale in the UK on Friday 28, April.

    With its headquarters in Dar es Salaam, Aggrey & Clifford has established branches in other East African countries namely, Uganda (Kampala) and Rwanda (Kigali). The agency offers a wide range of marketing communications services including media planning and media buying, public relations, social media and activations to mention a few.

  • Aggrey & Clifford strengthens its position as one of the top brand-building agencies through innovation
  • As an East Africa based, full-service advertising agency, Aggrey & Clifford has announced its strategic move towards investing in innovation through a wide range of key projects. The latest being immersive training programmes that were conducted in partnership with leading industry experts from the Vega – School of Brand Leadership.

    A creative workshop training hosted by AnC in collaboration with Vega School of Brand Leadership hosted

    A creative workshop training hosted by AnC in collaboration with Vega School of Brand Leadership hosted


    These training programmes and innovative workshop sessions were conducted over a three-day period in February and were offered to Aggrey & Clifford staff and clients.

    Vega is a globally acclaimed school, leading the teaching and practice of sustainable and innovative brand ideas.

    During the workshop, Dr. Carla Enslin, the National Academic Head at Vega, and Alexander Sudheim, a Senior Copywriting lecturer and award-winning journalist, covered a series of topics focusing on brand building and brand strategy.

    Commenting on the workshop that was held in Dar es Salaam, Aggrey & Clifford CEO, Rashid Tenga said “We engaged Vega based on their undisputed qualifications in shaping the best and brightest professionals into articulate leaders in brand innovation”.

    On her part, Dr. Enslin said that they feel absolutely privileged to be part of this initiative with Aggrey & Clifford, taking into consideration the agency’s position in East Africa.

    “What really impressed us is the fact that Aggrey & Clifford has such a broad scope, not only in the client base but also in terms of footprint in East Africa,” said Dr Enslin.

    She further said that due to the clutter and competitive market in the region, it is key for brands to innovate continuously.

    Aggrey & Clifford’s investment in innovation and team capacity building through Vega is with a view to continuously grow the agency and accomplish exceptional creative and strategic standards the East Africa region.

    Most clients in the region, both local and multinational companies, are always looking for an agency which provides local relevance but are capable of creating innovative ideas that can define a company’s brand and alter its course, while creating brand behaviors that have the potential to transform the industry.

  • Aggrey & Clifford wins 2015 Marketing Campaign of the Year in Tanzania Leadership Awards
  • Aggrey & Clifford, the East African based advertising agency, won the award for ‘2015 Marketing Campaign of the Year’ for their creation of the Life is Better campaign for Vodacom at the Tanzania Leadership Awards.

    The awards, which took place on December 11, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dar es Salaam, were a first of its kind for celebrating excellence in a wide variety of sectors.


    A&C Media Director, Oliver Mutere receiving the award for 2015 Marketing Campaign of the Year

    According to the organizers, the Tanzania Leadership Awards focused on recognizing leaders and entrepreneurs who have been striving to be the country’s best and demonstrated excellence in their respective fields.

    This is certainly true for Aggrey & Clifford, founded in 2009 by Rashid Tenga and today is one of the leading full-service agencies in the Tanzania market.

    “As an agency, we are very happy to be recognized for our hard work on this campaign and also for our achievements as a leader in the market. I am excited to see what the future holds for this region as companies strive for better leadership, achievements and overall brilliance,” Said Mr. Tenga in reference to the award.

  • Aggrey & Clifford wins Gidani International account in Tanzania
  • Aggrey & Clifford has won the account for Gidani International, operating as Murhandziwa in Tanzania. This is the first time Gidani International will have a presence in Tanzania and it was decided that Aggrey & Clifford is perfectly situated to creatively assist them as they navigate this new frontier of launching Tanzania’s first National Lottery.


    Director of National Gaming Board Mr. Abbas Tarimba in discussion with Chairman of Gidani International Prof.  Bongani Aug Khumalo during Dar es Salaam International Trade fair 2015. The company participated for the first time and made promotion of its activities.

    Director of National Gaming Board Mr. Abbas Tarimba in discussion with Chairman of Gidani International Prof. Bongani Aug Khumalo during Dar es Salaam International Trade fair 2015. The company participated for the first time and made promotion of its activities.


    Gidani International, under the leadership of Professor Bongani Aug Khumalo, Chief Executive of Gidani (Proprietary) Limited, is the lottery leading turnkey lottery company on the African continent. Professor Khumalo is also the Vice-President of African Lotteries Association (ALA) of which Murhandziwa Limited will be a member, and will also obtain membership with the World Lotteries Association (WLA).

    Gidani International, through its Tanzania registered licensed operating subsidiary, Murhandziwa Limited, brings in the best of breed skills, extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge and world-class innovations to the Tanzanian market. The Tanzanian National Lottery, Bahati Nasibu Ya Taifa, is poised to claim its place in the gaming and lottery industry as the second largest lottery in Africa, and one of the leaders worldwide during the first year of operation.

    Aggrey & Clifford is uniquely positioned in the region as a full-service marketing communications agency, offering key services like strategy and planning, through-the-line creative, public relations, media planning and buying, activations and digital. With clients like Vodacom Tanzania, Tanzanian Breweries Limited (owned by SAB Miller) and Stanbic Bank, the company has vast experience building brands in a variety of sectors.

    Professor Khumalo stated, “The reason we chose Aggrey & Clifford is clear. The agency proved that they have the right skillset and track record in the Tanzanian market to launch a brand of this magnitude. This is a market in which Aggrey & Clifford are market leaders, so their creativity and innovation will be critical to the success of our business in Tanzania.”

    Rashid Tenga, Aggrey & Clifford’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “We believe the foundation of all effective creative work is strong local insight and sound strategy. The successes we‘ve achieved for our clients in this market has always been grounded in these fundamentals.” Mr. Tenga went on to say, “We are thrilled at the prospect of not only creating a National Lottery brand, but helping Murhanziwa define a category.” Gidani International, through Murhandziwa, begins work with Aggrey & Clifford in Tanzania this year.

  • Aggrey & Clifford donates desks to Primary School
  • Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.48.39 PM

    From L-R (Sitting row): Jacqueline Boulos (PR Director A&C), Oliver Mutere (Media Director A&C), Eng. Mussa Natty (District Education Officer), Zena Tenga (CEO Hassan Maajar Trust ) and Dorothy Malecela (Head Mistress Mbuyuni Primary School)

    Aggrey & Clifford, has made a donation of ten million Tanzanian Shillings towards desks at Mbuyuni Primary School in Dar es Salaam. The donation took place at the school and was attended by the District Education Officer.

    The agency made the donation through the help of the Hassan Maajar Trust, a Dar es Salaam-based NGO working towards improving the learning environment in Tanzanian schools through the provision of desks and other furniture.

    UNICEF estimates that only half of Tanzanian primary school pupils pass their leaving exams, creating a large number of students who do not finish their educations. Studies show that having ample space to work and a place to sit greatly increases student concentration and academic achievements, thus becoming critical to changing this cycle.

    Zena Tenga, the Chief Executive Officer at Hassan Maajar Trust said, “The many pupils at Mbuyuni Primary School will be greatly helped by this donation. We encourage more businesses to get involved through donations to create better classrooms for Tanzanian children. Desks add great value to the learning environment.”

    Oliver Mutere, Aggrey & Clifford’s Media Director, stated, “As an agency filled with designers, writers, and artists we know how important having a nice workspace is to do your best creative work. As an agency based in East Africa, we have a unique African perspective, we also know the hardships that our community faces and we want to play a role in mitigating these adversities.”

  • Aggrey & Clifford Active Launches
  • The full-service advertising agency, Aggrey & Clifford has found even more ways to branch out in service offerings for their clients. Using a revolutionary approach, the agency is now launching Aggrey & Clifford Active.

    For years, the agency has made brands great throughout the country, but now they have the capacity to offer an innovative, different and better service combining seamless integration with the in-house above-the -line team along with their unique approach on below-the-line activations.

    As the first agency in Tanzania with this full-service offering, Aggrey & Clifford is passionate about their commitment to the brands they represent, which will be even more evident in the activations offering. For this service, there will be dedicated teams who live and breathe the brand. These teams will be trained and allow for the client to have the opportunity to engage in the process to make their activations team the most informed and results-driven promoters of their brand.

    Traditionally, reporting at activation events has been an imprecise endeavor with errors and delays, however, Aggrey & Clifford Active plans to make gathering results easier, better and more timely through cutting-edge technology. Clients will have the ability to quickly see results and the impact activations are making on their brand.

    The agency is joined by the new Activations Director, Luke Smit, a seasoned sales and marketing expert in Tanzania. Mr. Smit knows what it is like to be a client on the ground during an activation event and is eager to translate these expectations into results.


    Activations Director, Luke Smit

    “In activations, often the promoters don’t fully grasp the brand or the product. They aren’t passionate about what they do and it shows. Aggrey & Clifford Active is going to change all that. Promoters will be well trained and will have excitement and understanding of the brand on a constant basis. They will be provided with expertise and support to get results for our clients,” Mr. Smit stated.

    Rashid Tenga, Chief Executive Officer at Aggrey & Clifford said, “Aggrey & Clifford Active aims to keep the public’s mind on the client’s brand all the time and will be a huge advantage to clients that want more than one platform to market their product. As a company, we are always looking for ways to improve on what is out there. After thoroughly exploring the landscape and behavior of the Tanzanian consumer, it was clear that targeted, informed activations was the next concept to look into.”

  • ACACIA Mining Tanzania appoints A&C as its creative agency

    Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.52.28 PM

    On April 13, 2015, Aggrey and Clifford was chosen by Acacia Mining Tanzania to carry out their creative concepts and designs.

    Acacia Mining is one of the largest producers of gold in Africa and have three operating mines in Tanzania. The company aims to act responsibly toward the community and the environment while still maintaining top gold production in the country.

    Aggrey and Clifford will visit Acacia’s mines and work with the company to develop marketing tools and resources for the public. The agency is eager to highlight Acacia’s mining expertise.

  • Aggrey and Clifford honored with ‘Top 100 Mid-Sized Company in Tanzania’ Award


    Late last year, Aggrey & Clifford was honored to win the award for ‘Top 100 Mid-Sized Company in Tanzania’.

    Mwananchi Communications (MCL) and KPMG Tanzania hosted the awards ceremony, which took place in Dar es Salaam. More than 300 companies took part in the awards that aim to support the growth of mid-sized corporates within the country.

    The award is given to companies who rank ahead of their peers in terms of revenue growth, profit growth, returns to shareholders and liquidity. A top 100 company has succeeded in progressively growing its market position over time. The award recognizes the agency’s contribution to the market and the country’s economy.

    As the leading full-service advertising agency in Tanzania, Aggrey & Clifford fits the criteria of the honor to a tee. The award ceremony was attended by the agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Rashid Tenga and the Chief Operations Officer, Cobus van Zyl.

  • The team at Aggrey and Clifford reflected on the company’s 5-year anniversary milestone!
  • 5th-Anniversary-Press-A4-REV copyAggrey and Clifford, an Africa based full-service, fully – integrated advertising agency last week celebrated a five-year birthday milestone. The block party themed ‘’un plugged’’ celebratory event was attended by Aggrey and Clifford clients, staff, media representatives, local celebrities, friends and well-wishers on October 10th of 2014 at their offices suited at Oysterbay Office Complex.

    The agency’s CEO Mr. Rashid Tenga while addressing the guests at the party said, ‘’ More and more brands, East African and Global, are looking for solutions that can cut across the E.A region, as it is becoming more apparent that the way to build a brand in Africa is to divide the continent into 3 to 4 geographical blocks, depending on who you ask. However this does not mean copying and pasting campaigns or strategies across countries within a certain block. Gone are the days of one-size fits all. We have our work cut out for us, for many years to come. Mr Tenga went on to say, ‘’In a journey of 1000 miles, we have only made 5 steps… thanks to all the clients, suppliers and partners that have been and continue to support Aggrey & Clifford ”.

    Aggrey and Clifford partners with clients and brands for their long term success and sustainability. The agency envisions a brighter future as it is already placing Tanzania and Africa’s delayed creative revolution in the fast lane of success.


  • Aggrey & Clifford contributes to a successful launch of ‘Rumble in the Jungle’

    Rumble in the Jungle Book Launch

    From L-R: Oliver Mutere (Media Director of A&C), Cobus Van Zyl (COO A&C Group), Norman Moyo, Rashid K. Tenga (CEO of A&C Group), Raquel Ruiz (Strategy and Planning Director of A&C) and Terence Chambati (General Manager of A&C).

    It is not often we, as Africans, are exposed to our own intellectual thought leadership. So, it was with great pride that A&C partnered with former Zain Group Marketing Director, and Zantel CCO/CEO, Norman Moyo, to launch his book, Rumble in the Jungle. The showstopper event was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Dar es Salaam on Friday the 5th of September.

    Close friend and CEO of Aggrey & Clifford, Rashid Tenga, introduced Norman to the attendees. He then delivered a powerful, remarkable speech about the core and purpose of the book. One of many highlights of the evening was a letter from the former President, Benjamin Mkapa, acknowledging the book and the role it will play. In terms of thought leadership, Rumble in the Jungle explains differences between greatness and mediocrity, as well as successful and ailed states.

    According to Norman, making different choices in leadership, and by putting the right people in the right places, we can solve many of the puzzles that strain this continent in achieving its full potential. Choices for the next generation,not the next election.

    Norman’s book is a great source of inspiration when it comes to the exposure of the rich, untapped potential that the continent possess. As one commentator put it, most eloquently, “the number one biggest economic driver for this continent is not its oil, gas, gold, diamonds, but LEADERSHIP. This is not a new idea to any of us here, but Norman has simply taken the conversation out of the intellectual realm of debates, here in Tanzania and across the continent. I am very encouraged to see a new crop of Pan African business leaders beginning to engage in being part of their destiny”.

    Aggrey & Clifford designed all creative elements, from the cover of the book to the creative look-and-feel of the launch event, to PR and ongoing promotion. If this resoundingly successful event is anything to go by, this exciting new thought leadership work, will not only make a difference in Tanzania, but in boardrooms all across the African continent.

  • Aggrey & Clifford goes beyond with TDL
  • Fyfes launch

    From Left: Lucas Pantos (Aggrey&Clifford Creative Director), Cobus van Zyl (Aggrey&Clifford COO), TDL Finance Manager, Hein Visagie (TDL Marketing Director) and Durie Mohamed (Aggrey&Clifford Account Director)


    Aggrey & Clifford is proud to be part of TDL’s launch of Fyfe’s Scotch Whisky in the Tanzanian market. As a global first, we joined in celebrating our earned stature as a people and as a country in the global arena of innovation and success.

    Fyfe’s comes from the Scottish highlands in the district of Loch Lomond, the home of whisky. The golden liquid is a melody of passion and science, famously known as “usquebae” (Water of Life).

    The event took place at the Serena Hotel Marquee, which was designed to take on a Scottish theme. The event’s theme started unfolding as guests arrived at the hotel. As they entered the venue through a panel walk way, they were greeted by ushers in kilts welcoming and encouraging them to “Go Beyond.”

    Entertainment for the night included whisky tasting, good food and a fusion of Scottish Bagpipe music and the local band ‘No Strings Attached’.

    Aggrey & Clifford is responsible for the local implementation of all ATL, BTL, Digital, Media and PR.

    We wish Fyfe’s all the best and we are sure that they will take no time at all to “Go Beyond”.

  • Aggrey & Clifford addresses Finnish business delegation

    Left Photo: From L-R;…. Mr. Terence Chambati – General Manager of Aggrey & Clifford Tanzania, His Excellency Jyrki Katainen – The Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland, Mr. Cobus Van Zyl – Chief Operations Officer of Aggrey & Clifford Group. Right Photo: From L-R; Mr. Peter Vesterbarcka,- CEO of Rovio (Founder of Angry Birds Brand) Mr. Terence Chambati – General Manager of Aggrey & Clifford Tanzania , Mr. Cobus Van Zyl – Chief Operations Officer of Aggrey & Clifford Group

    Left Photo: From L-R; Mr. Terence Chambati (General Manager of Aggrey & Clifford Tanzania), His Excellency Jyrki Katainen (The Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland) & Mr. Cobus Van Zyl (Chief Operations Officer of Aggrey & Clifford Group). Right Photo: From L-R; Mr. Peter Vesterbarcka (CEO of Rovio – Founder of Angry Birds Brand), Mr. Terence Chambati  & Mr. Cobus Van Zyl.

    Aggrey & Clifford were invited to address a delegation of businessmen from Finland about the advertising industry in Tanzania. The group was led by the Finnish Prime Minister whom we had the privilege of meeting on the nights.

    Another memorable member of the delegation was the founder of angry birds, who traveled to Tanzania to gauge the feasibility of Angry Bird products in the Tanzanian market. Watch this space!

  • Vodacom to invest more in local insight





    Following a long pitch process, Vodacom Tanzania awarded its advertising contract to Aggrey & Clifford. The agency will be particularly involved in consulting on local market insights as well as assisting with communication strategy.

    “Any Telco brand operating in Africa has to partner with an agency that has a great understanding of what makes consumers tick, and maintain the synergies that have to be maintained internationally, especially when it comes to a multinational like Vodacom, for us that partner is Aggrey & Clifford,” says Rene Meza, Managing Director of Vodacom Tanzania.

    The first campaign to hit the market will be Cheka Bombastic, which will advertise Vodacom’s bundle offering in a new, fresh and innovative way.

  • Aggrey & Clifford helps create Smiles in Uganda


    Smile launch event in Uganda

    Smile Launch Event in Uganda


    Smile launched in the Ugandan market on June 6th, 2013. Aggrey & Clifford assisted in this market by bringing to life their brand vision ”To contribute positively towards the advancement of the continent by delivering super fast, high quality and reliable access to the Internet.”

    The challenge in this market was the fact that it had much more discerning Internet users due to greater Internet penetration than the Tanzanian market. Aggrey & Clifford handled planning and coordination of the media and customer launch events at Emin Pasha. The agency was involved from the very beginning in the initial strategy development and subsequent implementation of ATL, BTL, Digital, and extensive post launch PR.

  • Aggrey & Clifford helps launch Smile in Tanzania

    From L-R: Hon. Jerry Silaa - Mayor of Ilala (Dar es Salaam), Hon. Makame Mbarawa - Minister of Communication, Science & Technology, Mrs. Irene Charnley  -  Chief Executive Officer of Smile Telecoms Holdings, Mr. Rashid K. Tenga - Chief Executive Officer of Aggrey & Clifford Group.

    From L-R: Hon. Jerry Silaa – Mayor of Ilala (Dar es Salaam), Hon. Makame Mbarawa – Minister of Communication, Science & Technology, Mrs. Irene Charnley – Chief Executive Officer of Smile Telecoms Holdings, Mr. Rashid K. Tenga – Chief Executive Officer of Aggrey & Clifford Group.

    Smile launched in Tanzania on 16 May 2013. This made them the first provider of 4G LTE broadband Internet access in Tanzania and, in fact, the whole of Africa. Their brand vision is to contribute positively towards the advancement of the continent by delivering super fast, high quality and reliable access to the Internet.

    The challenge the brand faced was to reach high levels of awareness in a very short space of time in a category that has very strong competition. Aggrey & Clifford handled the launch of the brand from initial strategy development to implementation of ATL, BTL, Digital, and PR. The agency was also involved in the planning and execution of the media launch, press conference and high profile customer launch event at the Hyatt hotel on the same day.


  • TBL adds three more brands to the A&C Fridge



    After the successful launch of Peroni in the Tanzanian market in April 2013, Tanzania Breweries decided to also entrust the strategic and creative work of Castle LITE, Castle Milk Stout and Redds to Aggrey & Clifford. Although the three brands have different challenges in the local market they will all invest a lot of time mining local insights and utilizing the agency’s strategic planning function.

    “Aggrey & Clifford have done an amazing job on Peroni Nastro Azzurro in Tanzania. It made sense to entrust them with our premium portfolio of brands,” says marketing manager Vimal Vaghmaria.

    Some of the first work the agency did was a generic campaign for Redds, designed to appeal to a more unisex market, over the festive season, when memories are made. The aim was to position Redds as a drink associated with special, memorable and indeed incredible moments.

  • Aggrey & Clifford launches Peroni Nastro Azzurro in Italian Style

    From L-R: Mr. Terence Chambati – General Manager of Aggrey & Clifford Tanzania, Mrs. Kushilla Thomas – Marketing Director of Tanzania Breweries Limited, Ms. Natalia Celani – Marketing Manager of Tanzania Breweries Limited.

    From L-R: Mr. Terence Chambati – General Manager of Aggrey & Clifford Tanzania, Mrs. Kushilla Thomas – Marketing Director of Tanzania Breweries Limited, Ms. Natalia Celani – Marketing Manager of Tanzania Breweries Limited.

    The teaser billboards were tied up in a blue ribbon, with a line that simply posed the question: “Have you been invited?” This left most people in Dar es Salaam wondering what was about to hit the capital city. Three weeks later those who were invited were treated to an experience like they had never seen before! Italy came to Dar es Salaam.

    The launch event of Peroni Nastro Azzurro took place at an Italian restaurant located one of the finest beach sites along the Dar es Salaam coastline. The paved walkways that surrounded the gardens of the restaurant were turned into famous streets in Italy, with designer stores and coffee shops built to mimic streets such as Via Dei Condotti in Rome.

    To top it all, an Italian Opera group was flown in from Milan to give a one of a kind performance during the launch. “We trusted Aggrey & Clifford with the delicate task of bringing the Italian experience to Tanzania, without loosing the local touch. It was simply magnifico” said Natalia Celani – Tanzania Breweries Limited’s Marketing Manager.

    Since the launch the brand has seen tremendous growth in the premium beer segment.

  • Aggrey & Clifford to build the NHC (NATIONAL HOUSING CORPORATION) Brand.
  •  client-logo-_0021_NHC

    Aggrey & Clifford has been selected by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) to be the official marketing communications company, for the year 2012 – 2013. Henceforth, Aggrey & Clifford will be the marketing firm on record providing advertising, media management, public relations and digital marketing services to support NHC’s marketing communications objectives.

    NHC is the biggest real estate company in Tanzania and one of the leading real estate companies in Eastern and Central Africa. Following the existing and increasing demand in housing, NHC has broadened its operations by focusing on rebalancing of its real estate portfolio so as to furnish a move from a predominantly real estate management business to real estate development, thus promoting home ownership. Led by a new management team under the stewardship of Director General, Mr. Nehemiah Mchechu, NHC has embarked on an aggressive strategy aiming at providing home ownership to high, middle and low-income clientele. With this hugely ambitious plan underway, NHC has appointed a marketing communications firm for the first time since its establishment in 1969.

    Aggrey & Clifford will provide proactive and responsive input to NHC’s marketing strategies, which will facilitate the building of the NHC brand. “Our vision is to have a close and productive working relationship with NHC by investing a great deal of resources and energy to build the brand across all market segments” said Rashid Tenga, Aggrey & Clifford’s Managing Director. Through its clientele portfolio and projects handled in recent years, both in public and private sectors, Aggrey & Clifford has established its reputation as the go-to through-the-line marketing communications firm for companies that seek sustainable brand growth in the market.


  • Aggrey & Clifford picked by PSPF for a Presidential launch.
  • From:L-R; Mr. Rashid K. Tenga - Chief Executive Officer of Aggrey & Clifford Group shakes hands with Hon, President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete soon after the opening the PSPF Golden Jubilee Tower in Dar es Salaam.

    From:L-R; Mr. Rashid K. Tenga – Chief Executive Officer of Aggrey & Clifford Group shakes hands with Hon. President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete soon after the opening the PSPF Golden Jubilee Tower in Dar es Salaam.

    Aggrey & Clifford, an integrated marketing communications firm, was selected to organize the presidential launch of Public Service Pensions Fund’s (PSPF) new building, the Golden Jubilee Towers in Dar es Salaam City Centre. Through its Public Relations department, headed by Mr. Fred Njoka, the firm put on quite a show in launching the tallest building in the city.

    The event was seamless in its execution from punctual entrances of dignitaries, the creation of a signature look to support the distinguished guests, and a smooth implementation of the proceedings. This is the second time in less than a year that, Aggrey & Clifford has been called upon to organize such a prominent event, the firm was appointed to coordinate the presidential celebrations event of Tanzania Investment Bank’s 40th Anniversary.

    Aggrey & Clifford has been putting a great deal of resources and energy behind its Public Relations wing to build substantial capacity to handle high profile corporate and public sector clients. Over the past year, the firm has been selected to handle a number of PR projects in said sectors, establishing itself as a through-the-line marketing communications firm.

    The firm is also behind the creation of the widely celebrated and energetic youth brand campaign, Epiq Nation, for the fourth largest telecommunications company in the country, Zantel. The youth campaign, whose look and feel was created by the marketing firm, carries vibrant visuals on billboards and has had everyone singing to its famous jingle both on radio and television for months now, and is foreseen to continue to have this sort of impact in the year to come. The youth brand is probably the best advertising campaign across the country for the year 2011.

    Aggrey & Clifford is renowned for its cutting edge advertising campaigns, which can be credited to its advertising and strategy & planning departments. The firm’s client list include a number of global and local brands such as NBC, VitaMalt from Tanzania Breweries Limited, Lafarge Cement, PSI, John Hopkins University, Barclays Bank, T-Marc, Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company, Zantel, PSPF, Mzalendo Credit, to mention but a few.


  • Aggrey & Clifford forms an alliance with Nuturn (Kenya)
  • From L-R: Mr. Alfred Amulyoto – Managing Director of Nuturn Limited (Kenya), Mr. Rashid K. Tenga – Chief Executive Officer of Aggrey & Clifford Group

    From L-R: Mr. Alfred Amulyoto – Managing Director of Nuturn Limited (Kenya), Mr. Rashid K. Tenga – Chief Executive Officer of Aggrey & Clifford Group

    Aggrey and Clifford, an integrated marketing communications firm today signed an agreement with Nuturn Limited, a Kenyan based Communication agency. The partnership will enhance skills sharing and widen the scope of services provided to clients in both countries.

    Both Aggrey and Clifford and Nuturn Limited are integrated marketing communications companies, with years of knowledge and experience in their respective markets. The new collaboration will increase the two companies’ ability to help businesses and brands from both countries compete more effectively in today’s marketplace.

    According to Aggrey and Clifford’s, Managing Director, Mr. Rashid Tenga, “The partnership has expanded our networks. We can now build our clients’ brands, strategize, launch new products and execute major marketing and advertising campaigns in both Kenya and Tanzania. With the new partnership, our capacity and capability has increased hence more knowledge, tools, talent and resources. We look forward to building a prosperous future for all of our clients”.

    Aggrey & Clifford have an exceptional track record in the field of advertising and integrated marketing. They were the first marketing communications company in Tanzania to introduce Mobile Electronic Advertising by partnering with Push Mobile, a mobile-phone content management company. They were also the first company to introduce digital marketing into the local industry.

    Nuturn Limited is a Kenyan entrepreneurial communication agency that gives a fresh approach to clients’ businesses by delivery of 360 Degrees communication solutions; advertising, media and PR services. The company has over 15 years of extensive strategic marketing and communications experience with a strong focus in designing results-driven campaigns that have strong return on investment for its clients.

    Nuturn is affiliated to the ninth ranked marketing communication network, Worldwide Partners Inc. (WPI). In addition to having international affiliation, the agency is a member of the Association of Practitioners in Advertising, the Marketing Society of Kenya and the Public Relations Society of Kenya.

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