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Our Agency

We are an Africa based full-service, fully-integrated advertising agency. We believe today’s consumers in Africa are more globally oriented than ever before, yet they want to stay true to their roots. Converging communication technologies have reshaped the outlook of consumers and businesses.

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Our Tools

Strategic A3 Brand House

All agencies within the Agnet group are trained and have access to tools such as the A3 brand house. Helping our clients always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Tracking & Reporting App

Miledrop is innovative app developed by the Agent Group and used exclusively by Active and RoutePro. It allows real time data on staff positions and sales, while allowing collection of app.

Agency Management

All agencies in the Agnet group utilise chase to manage resource and traffic through the agency. Ensuring projects are efficiently managed and reporting on resource allocation is accurate down to the last hour.

Performance Monitoring

Yardstick is an independent research consultants used to evaluate client and agency relationship on key clients. It helps us to build health working relationships, which are effective in reaching your businesses

We Ideate

Turning Ideas into Successful Execution


We Face

Every new project as a challenge


We Invest

In human resources and infrastructure


We Build

Trust with our customers